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Janice Cook: Animal Communicator and Educator

What is animal communication?

The ability to tune into you pet on a different level. Some call it intuition, telepathy or psychic connection. Other names include: psychic pet therapist, dog whisperer, horse whisperer. Whatever the label, it is simply meeting and communicating with your pet on a spiritual level.

There is so much your pet wants to tell you if they could only talk -- I can be there as the voice for your pet!



  How can you and your pet benefit from this? It can:

♥ Ease stress and anxiety for both of you
♥ Bring clarity to pet behaviors and can address those issues
♥ Ease the transition of death and bring comfort to you and a pet who is ready to pass
♥ Bring you and your pet closer together by bonding on a deep, loving level


Can you communicate in this manner with your pet?

Absolutely! Your pets love it when you ask to "talk" to them, especially on a deeper, loving level. I can give you tips or show you how in an in-depth session with you and your pet or, with a picture of a passed loved one.



What happens during a reading session?

In a quiet room with no distractions, I quiet myself, then introduce myself to the pet either by speaking or telepathically asking the pet's permission to communicate with them. At this point it is usually an overwhelming "yes!" and occasionally nothing at all. The communication can come in the form of thoughts, feelings, colors, images, or a combination of any of these.

I then ask a specific question about a behavior issue or just ask if there is something the pet wants us to know and share with you. A session can take anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes and typically, a session is 20-30 minutes. If your pet does not wish to communicate at that time, there is no charge and we can try at a later time. Sometimes you pet is not willing to communicate, and that's ok.

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Intuitive Pet Insights