Intuitive Pet Insights

Holistic Healing and Care for Animals

What people are saying about Janice's Readings:

Sherilyn Z. Castle Rock, CO


I met Janice several months ago through a mutual friend.  Since that time she has visited our home twice, and I have spoken with her via telephone once with regard to our dogs. Each time I immediately felt a soul to soul connection with her, but more importantly our dogs were eager and open to communicating with her which says it all to me. She has given us invaluable information about our pets that have crossed over, and the pets currently in our home to help us better understand their behavior and thoughts, as well as heal our hearts.


Janice is very intuitive and connected, and we highly recommend her for communicating with your animals.  Her intuitiveness and insightfulness helps to nurture the family as a whole.  She's Wonderful!!



Janelle M. Aurora, CO


I met Janice at a mini-reading session at Chuck & Don’s in Aurora. I had questions about my two rescue dogs. I had never been to an animal communicator before and wasn’t sure what to expect. But she answered all my questions with insight and helped me to understand my dogs better. The suggestions she had about the dogs’ behavior were very helpful and I’ve been incorporating them into our daily life and things have been much better. She answered my questions about my dogs’ lives before going to the shelter and that helped me a lot. I would recommend her to anyone who is wondering what their pet is thinking and what their issues may be.



Arlana M. Englewood, CO


I have a “crazy” poodle mix and asked Janice if she could help calm her down. She did a reading and was able to find the cause. Then she did several Reiki treatments and suggested using Rescue Remedy whenever Lucy got anxious. The treatments really seemed to calm her down. I rarely use the Rescue Remedy now. Lucy is still “crazy” (that’s why we love her!), but she is much more tolerable to live with now. I would definitely recommend Janice to anyone who has pets. She is kind and very gentle with the pet. She is a good listener and I know Lucy just loves her!



Dagney Mc. Boulder, CO


We have a cat named Salty who is the sweetest thing. We were interested in what Salty was thinking of us and were curious to see what Janice could find out. I was really surprised when Janice came and Salty just went right up to her. Salty is very stand-offish with strangers but she bonded right away with Janice. She told us some funny and interesting things about Salty and we are grateful to have her share this information with us. Please call Janice if you have any questions about your pet. She is a real treasure.