Intuitive Pet Insights

Holistic Healing and Care for Animals

Tips for communicating with your pet

1. Find a safe, quiet place in your home where you two can be alone with no distractions.

2. Close you eyes and quiet your mind. Sometimes focused, gentle breathing can help.

3. When you feel calm, visualize you pet in your mind's eye or just calmly gaze into your pet's eyes if they let you.

4. Say hello and ask your pet if they would like to "talk" to you at this time.

5. Sit quietly and see what comes into your mind: if nothing comes to mind at the beginning, allow that and don't force it but tell your pet that you'd like to talk later and close your session.

6. If you do see an image or experience a feeling, write them down. Ask questions now either out loud or to yourself. Keep it simple at first -- don't overwhelm yourself or your pet.

7. Once you seem to stop seeing an image or receiving a feeling or information, thank your pet for allowing you to communicate with them and give them a healthy treat if you wish.

8. Be respectful of your pet at all times and know that they are a loving entity all their own.

9. Practice, practice, practice! It gets easier the more you do it.

10. Honor your pet's wishes to communicate or not communicate. Sometimes, your pet would rather not talk with others.

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